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Who we are

SMB Group were formed in 2009 as a consequence of MD Nathan Jenner's vision for the provision of customer focussed electrical services to three key business areas, Rail Infrastructure, High End Domestic and Retail Markets.

Targeting these separate markets means that we have the customer focussed drive to ensure our clients always receive our full efforts to satisfy their requirements however demanding, whilst the rail infrastructure works ensure that we have safe, well managed and organised systems of work.

We hope to develop our business in all sectors, in a dynamic but controlled fashion, working with and developing existing clients and discovering new clients by recommendation.


Our aim is to develop good working relationships with both our clients and supply chain. We aim to enter into partnering agreements with key suppliers to encourage a level of mutual respect and support which transgresses the boundaries of adversarial commerce too often found in contracting. Our “working with” ethos also transfers into the client side. Our efforts don’t stop when a job is handed over unless we have a happy client and ideally repeat business we don’t feel we have achieved what we set out to do!

We quite often find that once we have started to work with a client or key supplier a level of trust and respect develops such that some of the barriers to excellence such as mistrust and micro managing can be dispensed with freeing up both client time and money and facilitating a more creative mutual partnership.

If you are a client who would like an honest, fresh approach to safely and efficiently getting your projects completed please click through to the contacts page and contact either Nathan Jenner or Derek Tierney to see how we can help.

We understand that if you are in the contracting business you are probably right to be wary of such claims and whilst we find we are best fitted to early involvement at the design and planning stages of a project if you have something you have designed and would like us to price please call or click through to our contact page.